Essex Based garden shed manufacturers and installers. We manufacture apex garden sheds, pent garden sheds, summerhouses, chalet style garden sheds and bespoke garden sheds. Sheds unlimited deliver and install our garden sheds in Essex and East London

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These terms and conditions are written as plainly as possible.  They are not meant to be tricky and we're not trying to be unreasonable.  We will always try to be as accommodating as possible, after all, you are the customer and it is you who we work for.

 Terms and conditions

What you can expect from us.

When you place an order with us we insist that it is done verbally; that way we can ensure that the overall design including the placement of the door(s) and window(s) are as you require them.
At the time of ordering we will agree a delivery date with you.  It has do be something pretty serious for us to not turn up. If we are unable to turn up on the agreed date then we will give you as much notice as is possible.
If you order your new shed from us we will deliver it free of charge within south and mid Essex and East London.  
We will deliver outside of these area's but there may be a delivery charge which is calculated according the to postcode of the delivery address.  
We will install your shed for you free of charge at the time of delivery providing that there is good access and a suitable base.  
The use of the word "providing" is not our get out clause that we will use at the slightest chance.  If we cannot reasonably get the shed to the area that you want to put it then we can't put it there.
If your shed base is so uneven that we will be unable to do a good job and leave you with a usable shed, then we can't put it up.
If we advise you that your shed base is bad and you insist that we still put the shed up, we will do so at your own risk if it is possible to do so safely.
If we cannot get your shed into your garden then we will deliver it to a convenient place as close as possible to where you want it.
If we are unable to install or erect your new shed for you at the time of delivery we will just deliver it.  
If you want us to come back to put your shed up once the access or base has been sorted out we will do so but this is subject to an additional charge.  How much that charge will be depends on where you are and how long the shed will take to erect.

What we expect from you

We expect someone to be at the delivery address when we turn up. 
Please tell us if you need your delivery to be within a particular time slot, we will try to keep to it if possible.  However, we are governed by the vaguarities of the British road system and as such can be delayed by traffic jams.
Please check before ordering that there is sufficient height through gates, under cables, under trees or under pergola's for us to get the shed into your garden.  If necessary we can reduce the size of the shed panels to fit through.
Please ensure that your base is firm and flat, if it isn't then we may not be able to put your new shed up for you.

Good access, a suitable base and full payment.  Oh yes - a cuppa would be nice too!


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